How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Cold and Quarantine

Today we share with you “How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Cold”. Hot water and dryers are used more frequently during this period and can be a great villain for hair health if not cared for. It is not freshness. When the seasons change, haircare must also change. Winter has arrived, and it is certain that many, if not all, people will wash their hair with hot shower water.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During winter

Another ally at the moment is drying hot furnaces for drying your hair faster. However, if not used well, partners can become great villains for the health of their hair this season.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair During Cold

The Expert explains that hot water can increase the oiliness of the scalp. “It contributes to dryness, dilates the fibers and helps to fade the color, even removing the gloss”.

It is very difficult to let go of hot water during the winter, but the hair can feel its effects in a negative way. “What many people do is wash their hair after or before the shower and not at the same time. So you can use hot water. If you can’t, it’s time to reduce / optimize the washing time.

It is easy to notice that the hair is damaged by hot water or dryer. “It is possible to feel more oily on the scalp and the tips dry out. Reviewing the color, if it fades too quickly after the process, can have the effect of hot water – and heating equipment.

The washing frequency remains the same, it all depends on how the hair is. Experts say that if a person engages in physical activity, for example, she will need to wash more often.

“Sweat can stick to the scalp and leave pores looking pierced. We have a more general view: When a woman has dry and dry hair, she should bet on alternative washing so that natural protection – the lipids – can run down the ends of the hair. Those with oily hair can wash it every day. But it will depend on the day to day ”.

What to do before using the dryer

women with hair dryer

Experts tips are very simple and easy to do. Remove excess water with a towel before using the dryer.

  • Apply a CC cream, a product that retains heat protection when moisturizing hair;
  • Use a round, thick brush on the model;
  • Maintain a sufficient distance between the nozzle and the wire about 30 cm;
  • In the end, it is always appropriate to apply a glossy spray and at the tips, repair the oil.

In this moment of isolation where it is not safe to go to the hairdresser and they are also closed, it is possible to do an online consultation, by video. “So he can help you choose the best product for you.

But one treatment that can be done on very beautiful and all types of hair is collagen bath, which fights dryness, opacity, and malnutrition. This creates a kind of film around the wire and helps to hold water.

Collagen baths can be done at home once a month. Hydration can be weekly or fortnightly. “Properly washing at home as well as hydrating threads is the technique of massaging well from top to bottom and in thin strands. So the product works by aligning the cuticles, working them off naturally”, instructs the hairdresser.

Another tip that can help protect hair this season is to use vegetable oils (coconut oil, olive oil, flaxseed, argan, shea butter, and nuts). And pre-PU (pre-shampoo): Apply vegetable oil over the entire length and wait 20 minutes. Then just wash the hair. This care ensures that hydration does not leave the hair while it is being washed.

This is an article about “How to take care of your hair during the Cold”. I hope you like the expert tips.

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