How to avoid itchy armpits? Almost every woman has this question in her life. Who doesn’t know itchy armpits after shaving! Not only do red armpits look stingy but the itching is uncomfortable and usually painful.

Instant help! Especially in summer, freshly shaved armpits are a must for many. Summer dresses or cut-out tops welcome the view of the armpits and hay.


Some women’s hair growth is bad and this can cause delays in shaving. But if you have dark and thick armpit hair, the straw comes back just a day later. So shaving every day is part of the program. However, it irritates sensitive skin. Itchy armpits with pastels are the result of daily shaving.

Over time, scratching can even lead to bruises and scars! So that you can prevent it, we have summarized some important tips for you. Itchy armpits will soon become a thing of the past!

All you need to know about itchy armpits Usually, there is nothing wrong with that. Itching is a harmless reaction from your body. The sweat glands are located below the arm, but there are also lymph nodes and blood vessels.

This means that the armpits are always slightly damp or moister than other parts of the body. Therefore, the risk of armpit itching is higher. But there are other reasons why your itching may be behind the armpits.

How deodorant can trigger itchy axes

Your deodorant should be chosen with care, especially if you have sensitive skin. Many deodorants are very aggressive, after all, they need to maintain their advertised 24 or 48-hour effect.

Many additives are then included and sensitive skin responds to them. Pustules or itching can actually be caused by the wrong deodorant! The use of deodorant immediately after shaving can also cause irritation.

Why more tight clothing causes itching

Clothing that is too tight can also itch your arms. The skin under the armpits is very sensitive to any external influences. So when you shave and your shirt or blouse cuts your armpits, the skin reacts to it. It can even hurt!

How hair removal affects the armpits

Have you ever wondered if you are even using the right hair removal method for you?


Will your skin tolerate it better if you resort to permanent hair removal?
Daily shaving is stressful and irritating to your skin. You can respond better in other ways and itchy armpits are a thing of the past.

You have the option of shaving, epilation, waxing, or permanent hair removal with a laser.

How To Avoid Itchy Armpits – 10 Best Tips

Red pustules, a hell of burning sensations, and itchy areas of skin – who doesn’t know after shaving?

The following tips can help you reduce itchy armpits or avoid them altogether!

1. Open the holes before shaving

Have you ever heard of a shaving towel? The skin and hair may become soft and the pores are open. It allows you to shave more precisely and gently, less irritating the skin.

The hair is made damp but soft with a warm shaving towel. It’s best to let the cloth work under your armpits for a few minutes!

Shaving towels are often used when shaving men’s beards. Perhaps your sweetheart also has such a scarf, otherwise, you can get yourself a scarf.

2. Oil armpits


You may know that after shaving, you put oil on your armpits to calm you down. It is also effective if you use pre-shave oil. The oil not only takes care of your skin but also forms a protective film between your armpits and razor blades.

3. Shave less often

No matter how much we hate to hear it, the most effective tip is to shave often. Shaving puts pressure on the skin and irritates every time. So if you shave your sensitive skin every day, the situation under the arms will get worse.

If you put less pressure on the skin, itchy armpits can be best prevented.

4. Shave towards growth

The gentle variant of shaving is that which leads to growth. If the result is more perfect and thorough, it is more annoying if you shave against the direction of growth.

Gentle shaving towards growth and itchy armpits can be prevented.

5. Sharp blade

A sharp blade is always important when shaving! With blunt devices, you have to do a lot more pressure work to get each hair down. You not only cut the hair but also damage the skin.

shaving armpits

Therefore, it is always best to use sharp blades so that you can shave more gently and thoroughly.

6. Soothe with chamomile tea

One home remedy that is often used for skin irritation is old chamomile tea. The mixture also helps with itchy armpits. You can make the envelopes you have in your hand.

These soothe your stressed skin! Chamomile encourages wound healing and soothes irritation, even if your itchy armpits.

7. Save deodorant

It is best not to use deodorant under your armpits immediately after shaving. But if you have to, use roll-on without deodorant spray.

Roll on armpits

These intensify skin irritation and cause unpleasant burning and itching.
Make sure the deodorant does not contain alcohol. And if you do, don’t apply it to freshly shaved areas of skin.

8. Tense your skin!

When shaving under your armpits it is best to extend your arm too far.
This way you tighten your skin, it is smoother and there is less risk of injuring yourself. The shave becomes more precise.

9. Give the skin time to regenerate

The skin needs time to recover from shaving stress. It can help if you shave your armpits in the evening, so you need to stay up until the next morning to restore the skin the next day. Then you will tolerate deodorant better!

The solution to this problem is found in Indian Body Care. I use the products myself and I have to say that they are really very helpful. This is because of the tea tree oil. It disinfects and soothes the skin. The scent takes a while to get used to at first, but the smell of tea tree oil is better than pimples, skin irritations, and ingrown hairs.

10. Moisturizing lotion

Sometimes it happens that you have itchy armpits because you are very dry under the arm. Improper deodorants or shower gels dry out the skin and lead to itching.

Moisturizing armpits

You can resort to moisturizing lotions for the best treatment of dry and itchy armpits.

Our conclusion

Itchy armpits are a problem in almost every woman’s life. With our tips, you now know where the itchy armpits come from and how to avoid them. Pustules, redness, and wound history under the arms!

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