Here Some Serious Mistakes In Using Sanitary Napkins & Pads For the period

Nowadays, all women use different brand choices and conveniently sanitary napkins during the period. It’s comfortable enough and puts you in an environment with ease and safety. But maybe you did some mistakes while using your sanitary napkin.

Fatal Health Risks That Can Bring You for You Itching, rash and many different types of skin from cancer can lead to cancer. The only way to get rid of these terrible diseases is awareness and caution. So, there are warnings about some things you have to do, that you can avoid mistakes if you do a little bit.

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Serious Mistakes In Using Sanitary Napkins

1) Before handling napkins, do not wash the hands: Before washing napkins, many women do not feel the need to wash their hands normally. But due to napkin hand wash, various types of germs in the hands of the pad and it can enter the uterus from there.

2) Keep the sanitary napkin in the bathroom: Keeping the sanitary napkin in the bathroom/toilet may save you 5 minutes during the time of need. But it is also attacked by various types of germs in the toilet. And because of the use of the grafted pad, you easily fall into a serious health risk.

3) Due to the date of expiry date: Not to mention the expiration date, it can reduce its work efficiency and increase your health risk.

4) Buying at discount: During exemption, the products are usually sold which have been stored for a long time, can not be sold due to an error, bad quality, or expiration date. So do not take this risk to a health-sensitive product.

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5) Use of new brand cheap or free napkin: Think twice before using sanitary napkin available for free or with any other brand new product. Because of the use of cheap raw materials, they can give it to you in such a cheap way and whether it is healthful at all!

6) Usage of sanitary napkins with perfume or medicated: You may like to use fragrant, medicated, or colored pads. But the chemicals used in it can be harmful to you. This can also lead to cancer.

7) Use a napkin all day long: Using a high absorbing napkin or lowering your bleeding, you will not have a pad all day long. As the blood is accumulating, the germs are born and you will be easily infected by it.

8) Negligence during changing napkin: When using the new napkin instead of the previous napkin, clean and wash the hands thoroughly and clean the place before that. Use biocide if needed. Then take the new napkin later.

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