7 Little makeup Tips and Tricks, That You Should Know!

Here I share 7 Little makeup tips and tricks, that you Should Know! I will write down the little tricks you need to know about makeup! The ingredients that will be useful for make-up …

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Makeup Tips and Tricks

1. Use a makeup sponge to evenly distribute your foundation and remove excess. You will get better results than makeup brushes.


2. If you have trouble pulling eyeliner, use the spoon and tape method.

make up application tip
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3. For more permanent lipsticks, choose a matte lipstick, at the same time, get rid of the dead skin and apply transparent powder before applying the lipstick.


4. For those with thin lips; After applying your lipstick, apply a light lip gloss in the middle of your lower and upper lip.


5. For big eyes, apply white eyeliner to the inside of your eyes and stop before it reaches your eye fountains.


6. For more voluminous eyelashes, you can also apply transparent powder with a clean cotton stick and apply your mascara. You can do this twice.


7. You can use peach and light pink lipsticks as blush.


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