How To Increase Sperm Motility Naturally By Useful Tips

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How To Increase Sperm Motility

As the heading says I am going to talk about how to increase sperm motility naturally. or we can say how to increase sperm count. These days most people are facing the problem of sperm count and facing fertility issues and it’s a big loss in terms of baby planning or next-generation planning.

As of today out of 100% around 40% of couples ( I mean 40% men fertility) are not able to plan their baby due to less sperm count and week sperm.

60% are other reasons that could be female involved. So it’s not like if a woman is not getting pregnant it’s the fault of the female NOT AT ALL.

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Let’s have a quick look at what I am going to cover in this post.

  • What is sperm?
  • What do we mean by sperm count?
  • What is sperm quality?
  • What is sperm motility?
  • How To Increase Sperm Motility naturally?
  • How can you protect your fertility?
  • Foods to improve sperm count, quality, and motility.

In general, if you are planning for a baby then you must know your sperm count and how good your sperm is?

There should be a green signal instead of a red flag when you are planning to have a baby.

So you must visit a hospital and take a checkup of your sperm count, quality, and sperm motility to have a successful baby plan. I will cover all the sperm counts quality and motility in detail going forward in this post. Let’s begin.

What is sperm?

Let’s make it a little simple,

In Layman’s term sperm is a seed. During intercourse, the man ejaculates when a couple of plans for a baby. It is used for the reproductive system to create a baby.

There are three parts of Sperm 

  • Head
  • Mid (body)
  • Tail

Healthy sperm should have an oval-shaped head and a long tail with proper travel speed in the right direction.

Symbols of unhealthy sperm.

  • Sperm which has a round head is not as healthy as the oval one.
  • Healthy sperm should have only one long-tail instead of two tails with one head.
  • Bighead with a small tail.
  • Small head with a long tail.

As suggested earlier go for a sperm count test it will help you to know about sperm volume and quality.

What is sperm count?

The sperm count should be almost 40 Million per milliliter it’s really huge. If your sperm count is less or less than 39 Million then it’s a low sperm count.

Or even if your sperm count is between 12 to 30 then it’s really not good to count. You must follow all the male fertility foods to increase sperm count and motility.

To resolve the sperm count issue we have listed foods to boost sperm quality and sperm motility in the below section.

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What is sperm quality?

Sperm quality is nothing but how healthy your sperm is.

what is the shape and size of the majority of the sperm?

How it moves (motility).

What is the speed of the sperm and in which direction the movement is?

All these things come under sperm quality.

Sperm quality can be categorized into 3 parts.

  • Poor sperm quality.
  • Low sperm quality.
  • Healthy sperm quality

Poor sperm quality means only 0% to .9% of the sperm should be of good quality.

Low sperm quality means 1% to 3.5% of the sperm should be of good quality.

Healthy sperm quality means 4% to 5% of the sperm should be of good quality.

Along with quality quantity also matters going forward we will learn how to improve sperm quality in this post.

What is sperm motility?

Sperm motility is nothing but the movement of the sperm in the correct direction and the speed of the sperm.

During intercourse when a man ejaculates, the sperm should travel towards the female egg to get fertilized,


but if the sperm is not moving in the correct direction with good speed that means the motility of the sperm is not good. 40% should be of good motility.

How To Increase Sperm Motility naturally?

The best way to increase sperm volume naturally are:

1. Add multivitamin supplements to your daily diet. 

Add Vitamin C and Vitamin E to your daily diet to boost sperm quality and to produce more healthy sperm.

2. Reduce your stress.

It’s a big factor to reduce sperm count.  We have a lot of stress these days like stress all over. Financial stress, health stress. family stress, Kids stress, Job stress, Business stress, and so on. We have stressed all over.

So we gonna manage it. Most of the time baby planning during stress is not successful.

The best way to reduce stress is the workout, do cardio, go for a walk in the park, skipping, joking you can do these workouts at home as well which will help you to drop down your stress level.

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Here is the list to reduce stress And if the stress level will drop down your hormone level will be balanced and it will help to produce more healthy sperm.

3. Watch your weight: 

As much more weight you carry the less sperm count you have, so watch your weight low weight will help you to increase semen quantity and volume.

If you are overweight I strongly recommend you to go through this weight loss program.

How can you protect your fertility?

Avoid These are the major facts that you need to take care of to protect your fertility:

  1. Avoid smoking/cigar, tobacco.  (Reduce the frequency of smoking or tobacco or dipping it has a lot of impact on the fertility system.  (Best tips to quit smoking or chewing tobacco)
  2. Limit alcohol (if having daily):  See almost everybody does it but it’s for those who do it daily in an improper way, for those it matters. Even have it once or twice a week is somewhat fine.
  3. Avoid drugs: ( If you have BP, Diabetic, and having medicine on a daily basis then cut down if possible)
  4. Avoid taking steroids.

Foods to improve sperm count, quality, and motility.

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These are the Top 6 foods that will help you to increase sperm count naturally at home.

  1. Banana: It helps a lot to increase your libido.
  2. Garlic: It will help you to get better motility (sperm movement).
  3. Broccoli: It’s a good source of vitamin B1, magnesium, fatty acids, and zinc, all these vitamins will help a lot to boost sperm count.
  4. Walnut: It helps to increase sperm volume naturally.
  5. Eggs: It’s another great food to boost sperm count.
  6. Dark chocolate: It has antioxidants it’s another very helpful food to increase sperm volume naturally.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. if you try these supplements, nutrition, and try to manage your stress adopt a better lifestyle then you don’t need medicines to increase sperm count this the best way to “how to increase sperm motility“.

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