Only 7 Days – Remove DARK SPOTS, ACNE SCARS

Only 7 Days - Remove DARK SPOTS, ACNE SCARS (2)

Only 7 Days – Remove DARK SPOTS, ACNE SCARS

Hello, friends welcome to my Beautyglown…..
In this post, Today’s I will tell you How to remove Pimple acne Marks, Sun Spots & Dark Spots From ur face n body.
I am Sharing with you Two cost-effective and easiest, very effective Home remedy to get rid of any types of Spots. This help Only 7 Days – Remove DARK SPOTS, ACNE SCARS & BLACK SPOTS, ours.

Frist home remedy you need:

Firstly wash and peel the potato then grate it now take a clean glass bowl and add,

1 tbsp grated potato + 1/2 tsp lemon juice + 1 Vit e capsule now mix them well and ur spot removal pack is ready.

Now apply this wherever your spots are there and leave it for half an hour.
and then wash your face with cold water.

if ur skin is SENSITIVE then do NOT add Lemon Juice to this pack.


2 home remedy you need:

Firstly making potato juice grate a potato and with a strainer extract its juice.

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2 tsp potato juice+ 1 tsp Sandalwood power+ 1 vitamin C capsule.

now in a glass bowl add all the ingredients and mix them well, and ur spot removing pack is ready.
now on your clean skin wherever spots are there apply this pack,

I love this pack that’s y I applied it all over my face.leave it for 15 minutes n then wash it off with cold water.

Trust me friends if you will try any of these remedies within a month ur skin will become spotless.

To lessen dark spots, always use a broad spectrum sunscreen.
Because without applying sunscreen UV Rays break down collagen and elastin due to which
melanin production increases and formation of dark spots take place. finally, you remove In Just 7 Days – Remove DARK SPOTS, ACNE SCARS. I realize You love this post… so please share your friends-Thanks!!

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