INSTANT Skin Brightening Milk Facial At Home Easy


INSTANT Skin Brightening Milk Facial At Home Easy;

In this post I actually have shared with you my secret easy and Effective hand-crafted Facial, By the way, we will additionally build a facial by about to the parlor, but going there we waste 1000-2000 Rs. and that is why we do not go back and we do not get any results at all.
you don’t got to get any cream or facial kit from the market. You’ll find all the ingredients at your home and you’ll make your own Instant Skin Brightening milk Facial kit try this organic facial once you’ll get the best results.
If you’re thinking that it’s troublesome to facial, then there is no such thing at all In this post, I’ll show you step by step facial and we’ll do facial in four simple steps and last is a mask. You have followed steps and you’ll be able to jazz in Facial four Minutes further as professionals.

step 1-Cleansing

For cleansing, we need 1 cotton boll and 2-3 tbsp raw milk. Now dip the cotton boll in raw milk and press it to wipe your face and your neck part gently. Cleansing is necessary because of cleansing the dirt and dust are released from our face. Raw milk is safe and it doesn’t irritate your eyes and you can wipe your lips too. Leave for 2 minutes and then wash your face with plain water.

Step 2-Scrubbing

We will make a scrub and we’ll need 2tbsp wheat flour and 3 tbsp raw milk. Now mix both the ingredients in a clean bowl and your scrub is ready. Now take scrub on your fingers apply on your face and neck area now massage in a circular motion. for best result message with scrub, 10-15 mints make sure do not bend around your eyes. After exfoliation 10-15 mints wash or wipe your face It will remove the dead skin layer completely from your face.

Step 3-Face massage

You will need 3tbsp yogurt and 1/4 tsp beetroot juice

Mix in a clean bowl add squeezed yogurt and add 1/4 tsp beetroot juice and mix it well Finally, your massage cream is ready, you must make all the steps 5-6 times
I’m adding all the steps here to some special forehead, for some noses,

Some of our China Area for some chicks and some specialty is for Neck.
If your cream is drying while massaging, then you can take more cream and continue your face massage
after massage wash with plain cold water your face or wipe.

Step 4-Face pack

Our last step is facing pack
And you will need to make it 2 tbsp wheat flour(you can use sandalwood powder or fuller’s earth also)
+1 pinch turmeric powder 1/4 spoon beetroot juice + last 3 tbsp raw milk

Now mix all these ingredients in a clean bowl and make a fine paste.
your face pack is ready.

For use take face pack on your fingers apply on your face and neck area
avoid your eyes and lips now massage in a circular motion as shown in the video
wheat flour will work as a binding agent
beetroot juice makes our skin glow and flawless

As we all know, milk gives moisturization to our skin
turmeric is mixed with this because it is an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent
turmeric helps to suppress your pimples

After applying it well, leave it for 15 to 20 minutes to dry
Remember, until the face mask is dry you do not talk and laugh and keep yourself relaxed
After getting the dry of the mask, wash it with plain water

You do not do it a little more just once a month.

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