How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast | 5 Oily Hair Hacks For Monsoon

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How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast?

Hello, today’s friend, I’ll show you how to get rid of Greasy Hair Fast in this post. Managing greasy locks can be unpleasant, especially since this icky and sticky feeling can make you want to shampoo your hair more than you should. Although the monsoon brings a cool, rainy, and surprisingly refreshing break from the summer heat, it also brings sticky humidity, which can make dealing with our hair a terrible task. Today, I’ll share some useful hacks and tricks that are specially designed to wipe away all greasiness and keep your hair oil-free this season.


I live a very busy life and it is absolutely impossible to wash my hair regularly in this climate. So I found the perfect solution–blotting papers. Yeah, you heard that right! Just as blotting paper can be used to blot oil from your face, it can also be used to absorb oil from your scalp. All you have to do is split your hair into a few sections and run a blotting paper along with your scalp and roots, and you’ll be good to go.

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Dry Shampoo can be your best friend if you can’t wash your hair too often in rainy weather. Dry shampoos from brands like Batiste help soak up your scalp’s oil without leaving it completely dry. Spray your fingers a little and run them through your hair, focusing mainly on your roots, not your scalp. You can also spray a little on your brush and peel it through your hair to refresh your beautiful locks without drying them out. Instead of blasting your scalp with it, use the clever dry shampoo.


Now, when you shampoo your hair, it is important to use a shampoo that gently purifies and nourishes it. Just like the OGX Brazilian Keratin Defrizzant Shampoo, you can get away by just washing your hair. Once or twice a week, a godsend in this weather. I also avoid the use of hairstyling tools and products. So my hair retains its moisture and maintains its softness.

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If you have to choose a detaching serum or a Livon conditioner to prevent your hair from becoming frizzy and rough in this torrid weather.


How often has this happened: you’re almost out of the door when you suddenly see yourself in the mirror and realize that your hair is a giant grease ball. In times like these, if you don’t have a handy dry shampoo can. Here’s a convenient trick: dust a little translucent powder along with your hair partition and on your roots. It soaks oil just as dry shampoo does.


Now we all want our hair to be on the spot in any weather, whether it’s summer or monsoon. And there is a simple solution to manage your hair during the rain: hair masks. I use Toni & Guy’s Damage Repair Hair Mask once a week to repair my hair and give it a healthier shine. It’s easy to apply, so all of you ladies out there whose hair needs serious attention, try a hair mask, and see the results yourself!

So to prevent yourself from looking like a grizzly bear this season use these products, to have a happy hair day, every day. I hope you found this How To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair Fast Post helpful.

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