11 Different Ways to Style Your Cotton Sarees!

Whether it is summer, monsoon, spring, or winter, cotton is the evergreen fabric because it can be worn all year round. For those who think ‘less is more’, cotton is the best fabric to stick to. Cotton sarees are a staple for women during the summer and if you think a cotton saree will make you look like a plain Jane, you need to check out how your favorite celebs and bloggers are styling this weave.

Cotton sarees are a wardrobe staple for many women, especially during the summer months. They are comfortable, and versatile, and come in a wide range of colors, prints, and patterns. But styling cotton sarees can be challenging, especially if you want to create a unique and eye-catching look.

11 Tips for Styling Your Cotton Sarees

Cotton sarees

From weddings to parties to even airport looks, celebrities are rocking cotton sarees everywhere. So, whether you are going to the office or having a meeting or want to make a lasting first impression on your would-be in-laws, a cotton saree will make a great outfit.

For those who want to break free from the cliched clutches of wearing a cotton saree with a simple blouse, check out this saree styling guide so you can make the most of the basic weave.

In this article, we will provide you with 11 tips for styling your cotton sarees, from experimenting with draping styles to pairing them with statement jewelry. Whether you’re attending a wedding or a casual outing, these tips will help you elevate your cotton saree look.

Go For Designer Blouses

saree trends

If your cotton saree is rather plain, ditch its matching blouse and opt for a designer one. There’s a reason why designer blouses are more in demand these days: they know how to draw attention. To create a balanced look, your simple cotton saree can be revamped entirely by pairing it with a designer blouse, maybe in a different colour and vivid prints. If you want to make a playful fashion statement, you can opt for a blouse with sequins and tassels, and strings.

Add Statement Jewelry

saree Jewelry

To elevate your look, add some statement jewelry like a bold necklace or earrings. This will draw attention to your face and add some glamour to your outfit.

Experiment With Draping Styles

saree draping styles

There are many different ways to drape a saree, so try experimenting with different styles to find one that suits you. You can also try draping it differently for different occasions or moods.

Play With Prints and Patterns

Cotton sarees come in a variety of prints and patterns, so have fun mixing and matching them with different blouses and accessories.

Layer With a Jacket or Scarf

If you want to add some extra warmth or style to your cotton saree, try layering it with a jacket or scarf. This can also be a great way to add some texture or color to your outfit.

Opt For Minimal Makeup

Minimal Makeup

Cotton sarees have a simple and elegant look, so keep your makeup minimal to complement the outfit. A natural look with light makeup will work best.

Choose Comfortable Footwear

saree Footwear

Since sarees require a lot of walking and standing, it’s important to choose comfortable footwear. Flat sandals or juttis are great options that can be stylish and comfortable at the same time.

Go for a Sleek Hairdo

A sleek and simple hairdo like a bun or a ponytail can complement your cotton saree and keep your hair out of the way. You can also accessorize your hair with a flower or hairpin to add a touch of elegance.

Accessorize It Right

cotton silk saree

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. If you want to amp up your cotton saree, accessorizing it right is essential. Keep your gold jewelry for more intimate affairs such as weddings and parties. But cotton sarees really look good when paired with oxidized jewelry. Elaborate earrings such as jhumkas or ear cuffs can be paired with an oxidized choker necklace and thick bangles or bracelets. You can even opt for anklets and toe rings for a more traditional approach.

Define It With a Good Hairdo

Not every day has to be a bad hair day. Your cotton saree can be rocked with a great hairstyle. If you want an elegant look, go for a straight hair look worn with a side or middle parting. For a flirty look, you can style your hair into a braid and adorn it with tiny flowers. For a chic look wearing your hair down in loose waves will do the magic and on bad hair days, you can simply pull your mane up in a messy bun.

Carry an Arm Candy

saree traditional look

To complete your traditional look, carrying an arm candy will just set the perfect tone for your look. Depending on the occasion, you can carry a studded clutch, which is perfect for weddings and parties. A sling bag will be a perfect match on days you have to run errands while a purse will add an elegant touch to your office look.

Wear your cotton sarees as if you’re a celebrity and ooze chic and charm everywhere you go.


Styling your cotton saree can be a fun and exciting experience, as there are so many ways to experiment and create unique looks. By following the tips we provided, you can add a touch of elegance and glamour to your cotton saree outfit. Remember to play with prints and patterns, pair with contrasting blouses, accessorize with statement jewelry, and experiment with different draping styles. With these tips, you can create a versatile and stylish look for any occasion. So go ahead and explore the world of cotton saree fashion with confidence and creativity!

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