Nose Piercings: Types, How to Clean, Care, And New Jewelry Ideas

Nose piercings have become very popular in recent years. With nose piercings becoming more popular among both men and women, we will take a look at a few of the most famous nose piercings available right now. If you are interested in learning more about nose piercings, whether you already have them or are considering getting new piercings, this article can help you out. Specifically, we’re going to look at: What piercings look the best on my nose, how to care for your new piercings, and finally, we’ll touch on some of the cons of nose piercings.

Nose piercing

What are Nose piercings?

Nose piercing, also known as navel piercing, is the piercing of cartilage or the skin that forms any open portion of the human nose, usually to adorn jewelry, such as a nose ring attached to the nose by a screw.

Among the various kinds of nose piercings, the nostril piercing is by far the most popular. While there are a great many places for nose piercings – including conventional piercings like in a bra – there are also a great many creative means of adding exciting shapes and designs to the nose.

What are Nose piercings

There are several reasons why people get nose piercings. The most common cause is vanity. If you feel that your nose is not as pretty as you think it to be, then getting a nose piercing will help you enhance its appearance.

If you have long hair and you want to add a little bling to it, then you should go for rhinoplasty, which is a procedure that involves adding some gold or silver plating to your hair in the front so that it appears a little more feminine.

How to do A Nose Piercings

Do Before a Nose Piercing

Before you go for a nose piercing, it is advisable to consider your general health. This is because if you are not sure about the correct gauge of jewelry to wear, you could end up with serious complications such as infection, swelling, and even blindness.

If the meters are way off, you may damage the cartilages instead of enhancing them. Another essential thing to consider is how comfortable you are with your new piercing. If you have never had piercings before, then it is recommended that you start with a lower gauge so that you do not have any adverse reactions.

Find the right person.

When It comes to tattoos and piercings, you can not trust just about anybody. Please do your research and do it from somebody with experience and a license. Of course, it’ll be a little costly, but this is the skin we are talking about. Ask your friends and acquaintances that have got piercings done previously for recommendations. This way, you may know you can trust the individual who has the job.

Pop a pain killer

Every individual’s pain threshold differs, and particularly with nose Piercings, the pain can be intense and persist for a great while after the piercing is completed. It’s best to pop a pain killer in half an hour. Your appointment to ensure the pain doesn’t ruin the experience for you.

Keep cleanliness

As significant as it is to maintain cleanliness and hygiene after the piercing, make sure that the artist or technician is sanitizing the area and ensuring safety steps. He/she ought to be wearing gloves, sterilizing the gun, nose, and needle attachment. Not maintaining acceptable cleanliness standards will delay the healing time and might even cause a deeper infection that won’t be easy to treat.

Stay hydrated

To flush out toxins from the body and minimize the possibility of infections after the nose piercing is done, drink a great deal of water and remain hydrated.

Do After a Nose Piercing

After the procedure has been completed, your new nose piercing will need to heal overnight. This healing process will take about a week or so, depending on your body chemistry. In the course of this healing process, make sure that you keep your head clean and protected.

Nose piercings

Use clean towels to wipe down the wound every few hours until it appears as though it has healed completely. After the healing process has finished, your nose piercing will need to be covered, and the antibiotic ointment will need to be applied to the wound twice daily.

Sea salt soak 

In most piercings, a salt bath is made up of soaking a cotton ball at a sea salt mix and holding it to the piercing site for 3 – 5 minutes. Since the nostril piercing goes inside their nose, piercers recommend that you completely submerge your nose at a sea salt solution to make particular the entire piercing sterile.

If your jewelry drops out, replace it immediately. 

The Walls of your nasal cavity heal fast, closing up your piercing within minutes. If your jewelry drops outside or you lose your jewelry, then make sure you replace it whenever possible. If the piercing gap closes before you can return the jewelry, then do not induce it in. See your piercer to get it re-pierced.

Don’t touch the jewelry.

Spinning, Scratching, or transferring the jewellery may lead to injury to the skin, leading to scarring, piercing lumps, and other unsightly issues. Cartilage is very likely to damage, which means you have to make sure that you leave your jewellery because it heals. Try not to sleep on the negative the nostril piercing is situated, take care while blowing your nose, and be careful when changing. 

Jewelry design is vital.

You can always switch to a hoop afterward. Studs arrive with assorted prong fashions; the one you choose will come down to personal preference. It is essential to be aware that your initial jewelry will need more prong to accommodate swelling. The more prong might itch or poke the interior of your nose, but once you’re fully cured, you can find a better-fitting nose stud that will be more comfortable.

Watch for signs of infection.

The nose hosts lots of harmful bacteria. Types of bacteria found in the nose may cause illnesses that cause dangerous complications such as tissue departure, which in extreme cases can lead to the removal of all or part of their nose. Don’t take the threat; at any indication of disease, please visit your physician.

No cosmetics.

This rule is challenging for a nose piercing; however, you want to make sure that This includes acne lotion, Makeup, and suntan cream. If you must wear base or other decorative Creams, keep a wide berth around the piercing.

Types of nose piercings

Nose piercing is probably the most popular non-permanent piercing, usually of cartilage or skin that forms any section of the human nose, generally for the decorative purpose of wearing accessories, such as a nose ring the hollowed out portion of the nose.

Types of nose piercings

Among the various types of nose piercing, labret piercing is probably the most popular. A labret piercing should only be performed by a professional in a professionally regulated facility under a licensed piercer’s supervision with its elevated risk for complications. Below we will discuss some popular nose piercings options:

  • Nostril piercing
  • High nostril piercing
  • Third Eye Piercing
  • Septum piercing
  • Austin Bar Piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Septril piercing
  • Rhino Piercing
  • Nasallang piercing

1. Nostril piercing

Nostril piercing

The nostril piercing remains the most popular. However, there are many other types of nose jewellery available for a woman’s wear. Sometimes, nose rings and studs are referred to as nose studs. Some people may opt to get earrings for their noses, while others opt for nose studs.

2. High Nostril Piercing

High nostril piercing

Double nostril piercings are another variation of nostrils piercing in which three holes are made on the front half of your nostril. It is often perceived that this form of nostril jewelry is less bold and adventurous than traditional nose jewelry. However, the jewelry used here is studs, rings or nose bones, captive beads or l-shaped nostril pins, and an oval barbell.

When dealing with nose piercings such as high nostril piercing, it is crucial to understand the healing time for each particular type of nose piercing and follow a recommended healing method. A nose ring can heal over a few weeks.

A captive bead ring needs to be worn for two to eight weeks before it can be removed. A small barbell needs to be worn for approximately five weeks before it too can be removed. A more extensive round nose piercing should take about a month before it also can be removed.

The jewelry usually used is gemstones or studs, nose rings, round nose rings, captive bead rings, or oval-shaped captive bead rings. When these are worn continuously, it can create a dramatic piercing that looks extremely attractive. Many who have experimented with high nostril jewelry have said that the sensation they get is similar to wearing a full-length mirror on one’s face!

3. Third Eye Piercing

Third Eye Piercing, also known as the bindi piercing or thumb ring piercing, is a relatively new body piercing type. The third eye is the center spot for vision, and therefore, Third Eye Piercings are said to enhance one’s visual abilities and bring in good luck.

Third Eye Piercing

These piercings are often made from unique titanium, gold, or silver materials that create an excellent and very appealing design. The good thing about Third Eye Piercing is you can wear it virtually any place and on almost any occasion without any hassle or embarrassment.

Third Eye Piercings Perhaps the most unique of all nose piercings, this type of piercing involves inserting a threaded tube into each nostril and then putting the head of a pierced ear onto the threaded line. This type of nose piercing takes just as much time as any other nose piercing due to the amount of tissue that needs to be cut during this procedure.

Typically the healing time for a third eye piercing is between six and eight weeks. During this healing time, you can expect to wear an impressive nose stud with a magnetic connection to your piercing, which reduces the healing time.

4. Septum piercing

If you are considering getting a new piercing or going “tinkering” your current one, here is an excellent idea for a change: Getting a septum piercing. (Tinkerbell piercing, anyone?) If done correctly and with quality metal, this can be a very sensual and erotic piercing. This is also a trendy choice among many couples. Here is how to do it properly.

Septum piercing 1

The septum is a thin horizontal area just below the nose on each nostril. It mustn’t be overly cut off. It should fit right in between your nostrils but not be able to dig in. The best place for a piercing of this kind is inside the nostril, directly under the septum. You will have to trim away some skin to fit it there, but it will be much better than having a piercing that sits on an awkward area that can’t be straightened.

There is no special aftercare after your septum piercing other than to make sure you use sterile equipment. However, you can soak in some salt water to relax your body a bit before getting to work. If you plan to use a salve or similar treatment for your piercing, make sure you strictly follow the directions. Also, remember to dry yourself after the treatment to prevent infection.

5. Austin Bar Piercing

Austin Bar Piercing

The latest trend to pierce the body has been Austin Bar Piercing. It has become the new way to stick your body, and you will love the look on your face when your friends and family find out that you are a new piercing. Many people also do it as a form of art, and they even have competitions among their friends who each have one piercing on their body.

However, unlike nasallang, it doesn’t permeate either nostril or the septum. Often the jewelry utilized is a barbell. The title comes from the first individual who had this particular piercing, which Patrick Bartholomew, a piercer out of London, performed. Visually, it can look like a mantis piercing.

6. Bridge piercing

Bridge piercing is a relatively common form of body piercing. The jewelry used for the procedure generally consists of a small, thin titanium or gold post located in the center of the small intestine – this is known as the “Bridge.”

Bridge piercing

The bridge is pierced through the skin; this makes it very uncomfortable and often causes infections, but if done correctly, the discomfort is relatively mild and doesn’t need to be treated. Bridge piercing is popular among many people looking for an unusual way to enhance or emphasize a specific body part or trait.

The healing time for a bridge piercing varies from person to person, depending on the type of jewelry used and the healing time requirement. A bridge piercing of any kind takes about three to six months to heal, but depending on the jewelry used, healing time may be much longer.

Common Bridge piercing jewellery includes a metal screw-threaded belly ring, a barbell, a titanium post, and a CZ or ball tip. During the healing time, remember to take proper care and hygiene.

7. Septril piercing

Septril piercing

Septril piercings are among the most complicated and catchy nose piercings. They’re less common but seem unique when performed correctly on the right kind of nose. The process involves utilizing the fistula or healed flesh tunnel of an already stretched septum piercing.

A needle is then pushed from the base of the middle of the septum through to the former piercing, and the jewelry, frequently a curved barbell, is inserted. It is a piercing that takes time, patience, and ability but can look equally subtle and lovely, in addition to very badass.

8. Rhino piercing

Rhino piercing is the name for a type of piercing that involves a needle inserted into a nostril and left to heal by itself in an upward direction, much like a tattoo, but without a visible wound. The main problem with this is that any pain you experience while getting the piercing may be transferred to your face during the healing process. 

Rhino Piercing

So it’s essential to be in overall good health when having one done. If you consider getting rhinoplasty done, consult with both your doctor and a rhinoplasty piercing artist to develop the right plan for you. 

Rhino piercing is a form of non-savaging piercings, which means that while the piercing itself can heal without stitches’ assistance, the infection that comes with the piercing cannot be cured with the same ease. It’s essential to learn proper piercings aftercare to avoid having problems with your rhinoplasty.

9. Nasallang Piercing

Nasallang Piercing is an exotic form of body art becoming increasingly popular in the United States and worldwide. Just picture perforating your nostril completely, right to the left, and you now have a nice, extensive, comprehensive, asymmetrical, diamond-shaped piercing. 

This piercing is simply a combination of a high septum piercing and two nose piercings, both of which are located on the same vertical plane and attached by a straight barbell with a drop down into your nostril. This creates an asymmetrical, diamond shape.

However, a Nasallang Piercing involves no cartilage supporting the nose, as the septum is already in place and adds to its strength and durability. This means that the piercing will stay tighter for more extended periods and cause less irritation to the surrounding skin and muscles.

Aftercare Tips For Nose Piercing

There are many aftercare tips for nose piercings, and they all revolve around ensuring that your piercing heals properly. When you get your nose pierced, you may develop an infection. The good news is that there are various ways to treat this infection, and you should be able to heal in a few weeks completely.

A common way to treat infections from nose piercings is by applying simple home remedies. Among the best things you can do to help yourself is to remain as stress-free as possible. It is very easy for someone who has never had a nose piercing before to get tensed and anxious about the situation. After taking some time to relax, it will be easier to get the piercing healed correctly.

Nose Piercing Aftercare

It is important to remember that nose piercings are permanent, so proper care is critical. You should follow the right care tips for nose jewelry very carefully, especially if you got any piercings. You don’t want to damage your new nose cartilage, or worse yet, get your nose pierced again!

If you follow proper care for your piercing, it will be much easier to heal correctly. You may even find that your piercing doesn’t hurt that much anymore once it is healed. You may even forget that you had a piercing at all! 

It is essential to follow the proper care tips for nose piercings if you want your nose jewelry to last as long as possible. If you aren’t careful, you might wind up spending a lot of money on jewelry that does not even appear that great once it’s completely healed!

After your nose piercings heal, there is another thing that you need to worry about – infection! There are many different types of piercings, and some cause more disease than others. Be sure to follow all of the aftercare tips for nose jewelry carefully, especially if you plan to get facial piercings. 

Some types of piercings, such as navel piercings, rarely cause problems. Other piercings, such as those on the nose, can cause severe infections if they are not treated on time.

Your doctor can give you some valuable tips for proper care of your nose and lips before, during, and after you get your lip piercing. You should never allow a doctor to tell you when you should contact your lip piercing – it is your responsibility to make that decision yourself. If you follow these aftercare tips for nose and lip piercing, you will find that your piercings will last a long time and that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look great!

Most Common FAQ About Nose Piercing.

Is nose piercing painful?

The most frequent question on anybody’s head is: “Do nose piercings hurt?” They do hurt, but the pain was not as bad as I had pictured. I believed it would be somewhat sharp, searing pain, and it was not.

Of course, everyone’s pain tolerance level disagrees. If you have had your ears pierced before, this may hurt 1 level longer. Individuals who have zero pain tolerance report pain. However, they state it is fast. Remember that since the nerves in your nose are connected to your uterus, your eyes will water.

Get ready for the fact that a needle goes through your nostril cartilage, but do not get overly worked up over it. The worst part is the hand will probably be right on your mind, so you’ve got to shut your eyes to avoid looking at it. Generally, nose piercing pain is bearable, and it is worth it if you need it. 

What is bad about a nose piercing?

Nose piercing is not without risks. You can also become more prone to having: Acne. Bacteria can build up in the nasal passages, especially if you have a blocked nose or a swollen sinus. And infections such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, or various viruses such as the flu could enter your bloodstream through an unsterile infection in the nose. 

If you get a good grade of nose piercing – eight out of nine on the nose piercing gun or at the very least eight of ten on your nose piercing (you can’t tell just by looking at it, which means it might be better to have a piercing done by a piece) then you should be fine.

Will a nose piercing close?

It is dependent upon how long you have had the nose piercing. When it has not entirely healed from the procedure yet, then it could take as little as an hour to start to close. But if you’ve had the piercing for a long time, then the pit will generally remain open for longer. Some may take a week to get their piercing to begin closing, while others might continue to be okay after a year.

Can you shower with a nose piercing?

Yes. Please don’t get any shampoo or soap in it. Wetting the region with warm water can decrease swelling. Additionally, the running water may eliminate crusties without you having to touch the piercing.

Why does my nose piercing smell bad?

Perhaps you have noticed your treated piercings sometimes odor, well, awful? It is something between rotting food and smelly feet, and it’s enough to make your pets run (or need to supply you a bathroom!). Some people now call it ear funk, ear cheese, piercing funk, ear stink, or just plain yuk!

So precisely what generates this worse than anticipated, even perfume won’t pay it up odor? Your own body secretes a substance called sebum as part of its routine everyday work. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum from the skin.

It’s an oily secretion meant to moisturize the skin and allow it to be waterproof. Mix tan with a few lifeless skin cells and a few germs, and you also get some potent smelling piercings! At its worst, it’s possible even to wipe this thick discharge off your plugs.

How do you sleep with a new piercing?

If you’re a restless sleeper, they’ll be pulled this way and that through the evening time. It was causing The jewelry to maneuver around, pulling and pushing at the sock. That Can induce the piercing holes to extend out of shape rather than hug the jewelry. This, then, can make the piercing cure bizarre angles and won’t seem as great as if it was in a position to cure untouched.

It may also leave scarring, so you’re unable to remove and add jewelry readily. It would be best to prevent any infections, pain, or aggravation resulting from sleeping the brand new piercing. Don’t sleep on the piercing before it’s cured, even if it doesn’t hurt. It will keep its shape more. 

Nose Piercing Jewelry Idea With Photos

With all the piercings on your body now, you’re probably wondering which is the best nose piercing to get. Whether it’s a cute flair that adds a bit of sparkle or you’ve always wanted full coverage, you’re probably wondering if there’s a better way to go about getting them. Here are the different types of nose jewelry that are available to the public today:

When you go for a nose piercing, you will be able to choose from different gemstones. There are precious stones like diamonds and rubies, and they come in different colors as well. In general, if you are wearing studs or rings, then you should select a stone that is similar to the color of your clothes or your hair.

Your jeweller should tell you the best gemstone that suits your personality, style, and body type. You can also opt for a bezel setting, a special kind of setting where the stone stays visible even when the jewellery is removed.

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